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Welcome to Delysees!

Here at Delysees

we always innovate to ensure we offer

the best possible desserts in Toronto.

With this in mind and combination of

our knowledge and experience with finest ingredients and how to

use them allows us to produce many of the best desserts in

North America


Our Macarons, Individual desserts, Mini desserts and Croissants are the

highlight of our hard work, truly elevating our creativity and



Our desserts are always carefully crafted to ensure contrast

of flavours, beautiful textures and stunning finishes.

We design our cakes the same way a fashion designer design

would their own clothing collection:

Every item from the collection has to work together while

also being unique enough to work on their own


We believe that pushing the envelope of food design, is key to

innovation while always staying true to our classics French

methods are our strong focus.

Our Flourless chocolate dome is made of pure of 64% dark

Chocolate chips and whipping cream, that’s it… but our

methods of folding & Savoir-Faire (Know how) makes this

most basic mousse exquisite…

To keep pushing the boundaries of flavors and to

continue developing stunning collection

that highlights the finest ingredients and master the

art of making desserts...

‘‘desserts without compromise”

#delyseestoronto #delysees @delyseestoronto

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