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A Luxurious 


At Delysees, we believe that it’s always a good time to introduce a little bit of luxury into your day. Whether it’s a special occasion, a celebration or a craving this makes Delysees Luxury Desserts the best choice to treat your guests and yourself!


Toronto's Only Luxury Desserts

Located in the heart of Toronto, Delysees is a one of a kind Luxury Dessert Bar. Our Boutique showcases an array of modern French Pastry Creations and baked goods for to-go or dine-in experience. To complement our unique space, we offer exclusive cocktail pairings that will make your dessert experience at Delysees truly special.

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Luxury Bakery Delivery, Toronto

With our bakery delivery, Toronto area customers can get any of our delectable offerings brought right to their home or business. Whether you want a few exquisite treats for a romantic evening or need a sweet ending for a major event, Delysees has you covered.

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Exquisite Handcrafted Desserts at Our Luxury Bakery Downtown Toronto

We opened Delysees with a concept in mind: to be absolutely unique, extremely fine,  serve incredible desserts and to offer above & beyond service. Our entire team works tirelessly to achieve this goal. At our luxury bakery downtown, Toronto customers have come to rely on consistency in quality. Delysees is known for being the best bakery downtown Toronto has to offer for exquisite curated desserts for any special occasion. We specialize in top-of-the-line French pastries, Macarons,Cakes, Eclairs, classic French baked goods along with a variety of modern gluten-free and vegan desserts. Delysees Collection is made with the highest quality of ingredients, offering an ever changing array of enticing pastries and baked goods that make use of seasonal products and produce to ensure the freshest taste and quality of any bakery Toronto has to offer. We pair luxury with convenience! You can try our delivery option and you can also choose to pick up your bespoke treats from our bakery in downtown Toronto for your next special event or gathering. Our Vision Delysees’ vision is to create a memorable dessert experience at our luxury bakery. Toronto .With a keen eye for perfection, we provide innovative products and creatively enhanced dessert experience to achieve this vision. Bar Delysees located in Ossington Avenue is a space to truly enjoy amazing desserts to-go or dine-in with an option to pair your desserts with sophisticated cocktails. A dessert experience for the refined palette. Fabrication Delysees is a bakery in downtown Toronto, a production facility that produces top of the line desserts and baked goods. Each Delysees Luxury Desserts offers the best modern French pastries that our clients truly enjoys. Our Services Delysees instantly became the go to for French Pastries in Toronto. We’re top of the list for event planners, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and lovers of modern pastry design from all over the world. Here, at Delysees, our team is truly passionate about desserts. Our Dessert Specialist can assist you with any custom cake requests, catering and bakery delivery. Toronto guests can choose from several pickup and delivery options. Dessert Bakery Downtown Toronto Collection Delysees bakery in Toronto product Collection looks luxurious, iconic, and beautiful! Our products are made daily from scratch preserving quality with modern finishing that only Delysees can offer: Modern Cakes Our Modern Cakes Collection includes velvety mousse base layered cakes, a thoughtful contrast flavor and familiar layer that compose of daily baked sponge cake components and a layer of surprise crunch all finished in Delysees Signature Modern Glazing. Delysees specializes in Gluten Free desserts as well as moden Vegan Collection. From a delicate one person serving treat to a larger serving cakes designed to entertain a party French Macarons Delysees macarons made from scratch using traditional methods with the finest ingredients finished with a modern touch. We continue to push the boundaries with flavor combinations that excite the palate: flavours collection like the birthday cake- a cake batter filling, carefully piped by hand and finished with colorful sprinkles, Exclusive flavours like Champagne Macarons made with Moet & Chandon and of course our limited edition Grey-goose collection! Our classic flavors like Dark chocolate and Sweet Salty will leave a forever place in your heart! Delysees Cocktail Dessert pairing A Delysees exclusive craft of Dessert Pairing: A modern cocktail menu that is meant to enhance the paired desserts components with each sips. Delysees Le Martini includes passion fruit pearls with intense curds and cremeux pairing to intensify the flavor of a classic Martini and as you journey to the end of your drink the last pairing mellows down your palate..getting it ready for the next sip experience.

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Delysees Bakery Toronto Collection

  • Modern Cakes

  • Eclairs

  • French Macarons

  • Delysees Vegan and Gluten Free

  • Artisanal Chocolate

  • Delysees Croissants and Brioches

  • Delysees Cocktail Dessert pairing

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